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CarGo Connect Trailer
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CarGo Connect from £2,429

As well as a uniquely configurable concept, CarGO Connect sets new standards in trailer engineering quality and value for money. The resulting longevity of chassis and components will continue to deliver results well into the future. Platforms sizes are offered from 4.0m through to 5.5m long, in two standard widths. Several axle and wheel size combinations are available to provide almost any required solution, including a new heavy duty 195/60 R12 tyre option.
Mesh Extensions
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Mesh Extensions

Specifically designed for light weight and therefore easy handling, these mesh panels will transfer the CarGo Connects ability to transport bulky, lighter items. With a mesh panel kit the sides are extended by 0.72m and when combined with drop sides, total 1.02m.

We have in stock mesh extensions for CarGo Connect 4m,4,5m,5m and 5.5m trailers
Drop Sides
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Drop Sides

The most useful and popular option for any multi-use trailer is a set of drop sides. The CarGo Connect side options list goes further than ever, with strong, but light steel sides featuring a robust latching mechanism designed to keep sides totally silent. In addition these can be extended with mesh panels, or even double height option.
Long Mesh Ramp
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Long Mesh Ramp and Side Extensions

Combining a long tail ramp, single height drop sides and high mesh side extensions makes an ideal solution for the varied requirements of many landscaping operations
Hydraulic Tilt
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CarGo Connect Hydraulic Tilt

Powerful self contained hydraulic ram powers the tilt bed operation. Choose your ideal loading ramp solution to go with it.
Full Width Tail Ramp
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Full Width Tail Ramp

Features high strength punched and formed steel. Provides lots of grip and is extremely resistant to wear, even on tough jobs.

Hydraulic tilt bed, plus steel tail ramp combination makes a 12.5 degree loading angle
Long Mesh Ramp
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Long Mesh Ramp

A full width, long mesh ramp (1.8m long) offers ultimate convenience for flat bed loading. It can also be combined with a hydraulic tilt operation to make a simple and very low loading facility.
In Deck Storage
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In Deck Storage Facility

Keeps your straps and tools in a convenient place. Latch release catch (not locking)
Ladder Racks
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Ladder Racks

A configureable later rack system gives options to add a ladder rack to a mesh kit, or have it stand alone as shown on bottom photo. Several racks can also now provide a unique option for various purposes see left.
Wheel Chock
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CarGo Connect

Quickly reposition to suit varying loads or vehicles. Fitting positions are provided right along the full length of each trailer.